No Show Space. 2022
1000 kg grains (Oats), galvanised augers, custom-made stands.
7m x 2.5m x 2.30m


Maquette over cardboard:
Fast I, 2022. Fork carving on found cardboard. 18 x 12 cm.

Video Documentation:

For Insulin Pérez Evans has sourced and temporarily relocated agricultural machinery and 1000 kg of barley from Cumbria to London. In the project space, the machinery is arranged into an infinity fountain for the sucking up and spewing out of grain from one heap to the other.  The agricultural purpose of the machines are for the transfer of large quantities of grain for storage. In the confines of the space, the motorised work carries out a manic stockpiling. In the dual action of extraction and dumping, of swallowing and defecating, a deranged metabolic system comes into play with all of the noise and smells that entails. The title also references storage in the role insulin takes in the body’s capacity to store and control blood glucose levels. Insulin spikes abound in the stress scape of the post-industrial city, pushing the body to crave. Our digestive surplus is then stored as glucose, and paid into fats. Through this economy of excess, is Pérez Evans reminds us the world systems around us are not only an extension of our minds, but also of our enteric nervous system, and thus biochemistry.

The motorised work is conceived as a never-ending cycle however due to the ongoing climate and energy crises, and the necessity to reduce energy use it will function for limited periods only. After the period of the exhibition, all mechanical elements will be returned to use and the animal-grade grain will be used as animal feed. In the artist’s words ” Infinity is a broken image”.

Very special thanks to farming fabricator Arthur Hewson at Parton farm for producing the grain and machinery.

Generously funded by Henry Moore Foundation