Rafael Pérez Evans (b. 1983), Spanish – Welsh lives and works in London. He received an MFA and a BFA from Goldsmiths College, currently, he is reading for a PhD in Fine Art from the Ruskin School of Art at the University of Oxford, research funded by the AHRC award.

His work has been exhibited internationally with solo exhibitions including Insulin at No Show Space, UK (2022), Handful at The Henry Moore Institute, UK (2021), Pavo Realengo at Nogueras Blanchard Gallery, Barcelona (2017); Pararrayo at Abierto Theredoom Gallery, Madrid (2017). Two-person & group exhibitions include Unpacking, Wheels at The Royal Academy, South London Gallery & Leeds Art Gallery, UK (2019-2022), Pica at TEA Museum, Spain (2022) ; Thief, Invigilate at C3A Museum, Spain (2020) ; Salvation at Saatchi Gallery (2020) ; The Devil’s Bird – Ornithomancy at Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei (2019) ; L’Dounne – Divination at Matadero, Madrid (2018) & Queima at Despina, Rio de Janeiro (2015).

Pérez Evans’s artworks play with the possibilities of agricultural and queer dissent, looking at ideas of surplus, revenge and fragility. Repurposing readymades from agricultural and industrial origins, foodstuffs and untamed gestures taken from protests, he creates sites filled with weight, entropy and paradox.  Evans often collaborates with farmers to complicate on a monumental scale our understanding of a collapsing material world. His installations, sculptures and paintings poetically smudge, dump, park and spill materials that can refill emptiness with a rushed gravity. Many of the unstable materials he works with stand in for downgraded lands, voices and bodies which have been turned to surplus.


As an educator he is interested in expanded pedagogy through formal and informal platforms for knowledge exchange, he is part of PLATA a future agro-thinking collective in Córdoba (Spain), he created Alto Residency in the jungle of Alto Paraiso (Brazil) and was part of the Gazua Curatorial Project (Rio de Janeiro). In the UK he is a visiting & associate lecturer, Evans has taught at places including Central Saint Martins (UK), The AA Architectural Association (UK), Leeds Beckett (UK), Nottingham Trent University (UK), University of Rochester (UK) and London College of Fashion (UK).