White Spirits, Fruit Flies, Bacardi. Art hub. London. 2019
Metal trolley, taxidermy bats (Rousettus Lescheanu), fresh sugar canes, cellophane, tape, cardboard, mirrors, glasses, Bacardi white rum, coke, fresh limes.
168 x 47 x 124 cm & 146cm x 98cm

On the corner of the room a package from Perez Evans has been propped opened by a drunkenly column of Bacardi and coke, creating the illusion of an intoxicating free tap and giving us a peek into the story of this drink and its creator, the Catalan Bacardi family whose vampiric presence haunts over the history of Cuba, to its side a bundle of fresh sugar cane sits tired on a metal trolley, from it a couple of taxidermy bats hang and invigilate their sweets soon to be distilled into becoming pure white rum.

Rum & Coke stain, piece over collaborative work from Max Limbu & Aila Yi.