The Rabbit Plan. 2020
Goldsmiths College
Male & female home pet rabbits, fridge, hay.

A male and female rabbit roam in a room. The work invites the viewer to spend time with the animals. The installation re-digests a BBC news story, The Rabbit Plan: Nicolas Maduro attempts to curve hunger from hyperinflation in Venezuela, by gifting families live rabbits for home breeding in order provide them with future sources of protein. The socialist plan failed as many families treated the rabbits as pet bunnies, putting bows, not eating them and giving them names. Maduro’s reaction was to call for people to come back to ‘common sense’ and restrain from a ‘fluffy imperial pet’ relationship with the animals. Shifting gazes onto an animal from ‘socialist protein’ to ‘imperial pet’,  remove a possible animal alterity further away from view.