Caldo de Cana. Camelodromo – Red Studios. São Paulo. 2014
Sugar canes, tape, drawings, performace, carrying case, metal holder – burner.
1m x 1m x 1m

A cube is constructed out of pieces of sugar cane tape and a metal carrier basket. Inside the cube there is a box with
a series of photocopied images of  burning sugar cane plantations. An unknown person comes and sits down within
the cube, I exchange a tragic story from that persons own history with a glass of sugar cane juice. As the story is being
told, I draw  fire on the photocopies. The drawing is burnt after the dialogue has finished.

(Stills of performance)

RafaelPerezEvans_Caldo de Cana_1-4135

Drawing on Paper

RafaelPerezEvans_Caldo de Cana_Drawing-4142-2

Cartel for troca.

RafaelPerezEvans_Caldo de Cana_Drawing-4126