Spanish/Welsh artist. Lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. Rafael received a BA in Fine art from Goldsmiths University, London UK.
Currently completing a two years residency at Hangar Barcelona.

Through the use of research and ethnography, he is excavating and unearthing lost stories, newspapers, images & local rumours. These then get reworked and result in installations which use performance, photography, found imagery, video, objects & painting, that produce a further blurring of their contents source as well as bring to surface the problems inherent in reading a narrative.
As a sort archeologist from the ‘West’ he has been working and living in countries such as Mexico, US, Cuba & Brazil, where he operated within a certain western nostalgia for a rawer past, creating works and extracting source material to then reconstruct in Europe, in this process also encountering a certain post-colonial anxiety which hovers through his practice.
In his ‘diggings’ we encounter various sites & research centres, an example is the history of sugar cane plantations in Brazil, which intertwines economy, land, labor, colonies, and whose ghost – spectre is still ever present.
Preoccupations in unearthing peculiar local stories is part of the foundation for this type of archeology, where the findings of his ‘diggings’ can bring some further questioning into the subject of how we relate to hierarchy within the information receive in stories, history and rumours.

Pérez Evans has exhibited internationally with recent exhibitions including Solo at Nogueras Blanchard (Barcelona), Abierto Theredoom (Madrid), Despina (Rio de Janeiro), Lekka & Perikleous (Athens), Yusto Giner Gallery (Marbella), Paratext, Hangar (Barcelona). He was recently nominated for the Miquel Casablancas Award and Art Nou Prize 2017 (Barcelona). He is part of the Gazua Project (Rio de Janeiro) and is the co-founder of Romita 26 (Mexico City). He is a resident of Hangar Barcelona, and has also completed residencies in Red Studios (São Paulo), Sassafrass (USA) and Alto (Brazil). Rafael taught photography at University of Rochester (UK).


b.  1983   Málaga,  Spain


2010   BA. Fine Art and Critical Contextual Studies. Goldsmiths University, London. UK

Solo Exhibitions:


Nogueras Blanchard Gallery. Barcelona. Spain. “Pavo Realengo”

Huber Gallery. Malaga. Spain. “Anticiclon”

Hangar, Paratext. Barcelona. “Operación Free Lemon”

Huber Gallery. Malaga. Spain. “Cuspid River”

Selected Group Exhibitions:


Abierto Theredoom. Madrid. “Pararrayo”

Lekka & Perikleous/Stoa Zerbini, Athens, Curated by Maria Georgula. “God & Sausages”

Encura II, Conference in Madrid Arco, Curated by Maykson Cardoso. “Hecha la ley hecha la trampa”


Encura. Barcelona. Curated by Jaime Gonzalez & Manuela Pedron. “Chem Trails”

Comensais #1. Rio de Janeiro. Curated by Maykson Cardoso.“Caldo de Cana II”

Hangar. Barcelona. Polivalents N:9. “Rum for Ashes”

Sociedad Economica de amigos del Pais. Malaga. Cervantes, Shakespeare: Ilustrados “Agujero Tilaka”


Largo das Artes. Rio de Janeiro. Two man show, curated by Bernado Jose de Sousa.”Luz Negra”

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Fernando Centeno López. Genaguacil. “Retratos intimos”


Les Urbaines. Lausanne. “Bubbles”

Red Studios. Sao Paulo. “Camelodromo”

Red Studios. Sao Paulo. “Saoobjects”

Vogue Fabrics. London. “Bubbles”

Nando Argueles Gallery. Sotogrande. Cadiz. Spain. “Why Not”

Centro Coreografico de Rio. Rio de Janeiro. Brasil. “Cross Over”

Roodkapje. Rotterdam. Netherlands. “Sweat”

Colectivo Imagen. Fuengirola. Malaga. Spain. “Infinite Scroll”

Nando Argueles Gallery. Sotogrande. Cadiz. Spain. “Futuribles”


Yusto Giner Gallery Marbella. Spain.”Relocating Landscape”

Factoria de Arte y desarrollo. Madrid.”Cruce de Miradas”


The catacombs. London. Uk. “Modern Panic”


New York. USA.”Petite Mort: Recollections of a Queer Public”

Dublin Ireland UK. “Artisit”


Sassafrass, Tennessee USA. “Escape From Freedom”

Goldmiths University. London UK. “Summer Graduates show”



Shortlisted for Miquel Casablancas Prize for Visual Art. Sant Andreu Contemporary. Barcelona. 2017.

Shortlisted for Art Nou Prize. Barcelona. 2017.


Hangar, Barcelona. 2016-2017

Despina (Studio). Rio de Janeiro. 2015

Red Studios. Sao Paulo. 2014

Alto Residency. Alto Paraiso. 2013-2014

Romita 26, Mexico City. 2011

Sassafras Arts Residency, Tennessee USA. 2010


Screenings Film Festivals:


Official Selecction. Lesgai Film Festival. Madrid. Spain

Official Selection. Outfest 2014 . Peru.

Official Selection. VII Festival Internacional de la Diversidad Sexual (Cine Movilh). Chile.

Official Selection. Cine Gay Lésbico Trans de Lima.

Official Selection. El lugar sin Limites. Ecuador.

Official Selection. Cologne LGBT filmfest. Germany.

Official Selection. Skeivefilmer Oslo Film Festival. Norway.